〇 lesson hours are from eighteen to twenty.
〇 We have disinfectant at the entrance.
〇 i'm disinfecting the desk.
〇 The windows are open for ventilation.
〇 Depending on the situation, you can choose a classroom or online lesson.

(To Participants)
・I want you to wear a mask.
・When entering the room, please disinfect your hands.
・For exampe, if you think you are not feeling well such as a slight fever or cough, please do not force yourself to attend.


【 Aug.】 Wed. 4 / Wed. 11 /
     Wed.18 / Wed.25
【 Sept.】 Wed. 1 / Wed. 8 /
     Wed.15 / Wed.29
【 Oct. 】 Wed. 6 / Wed.13 /
     Wed.20 / Wed.27

・You can choose to learn online or go to the classroom.
・Mainly wednesday  18:30 ~ 20:30
         → 18:00 ~ 20:00
    Colored dates are the deadlines for Competition magazine.(Fuji magazine)
・You can change the rest to the next month.


○ Akihabara classroom
3 minutes walk from Electric Town Exit of Akihabara Station on JR.
5 minutes walk from Sudacho Exit of Kandacho Station on the Ginza Line

○ Online classroom
To correct your work, just send a photo of it by email.You don't have to go out, so you can study safely and securely.
We recommend submitting on LINE app.(You can also use other emails.)


○ Sign up fee 4,000yen
○ Monthly fee 4,000yen

Please contact us for discounts for Parent and child and siblings.


Brush calligraphy have the characteristic of being "one-time", which cannot be turned back from the moment the brush touches the paper. Since you write while processing various things such as the position and size of letters, the amount of ink, and how to write, you will naturally acquire "concentration" and "judgment". The "Tsuke, Tome, Harai" that we cherish is very important for cultivating the basics of pen calligraphy. The "Tsuke, Tome, Harai" are three types of strokes every Japanese Kanji character must have. While carefully practicing one work, you will learn the regularity of "letter beauty" and develop the ability to apply it to all letters.
We practice pen calligraphy once a month. The work you send every month will be evaluated, so you can continue to enjoy it by practicing hard to "write well".

It's an important time to learn new letters. I want you to feel the joy of writing with a brush, as well as learning how to use and manage tools, the correct posture and how to hold a brush.

■Intermediate and above
Those who use it frequently in daily life may need to write letters easily and quickly.In parallel with the monthly assignments, we will also teach you how to write letters quickly.


友乃 ( Tomono )

Calligraphy in Education, Tokyo Gakugei University, Tokyo.
Experienced for calligraphy teacher at junior high school and high school.
Acquired a high school teacher's license in calligraphy.
Acquired a high school and junior high school teacher's license in Japanese language.


お問合せ先|七香舎(東京 秋葉原書道教室)

You can also experience and tour.
If you wish, please tell us the items 1 to 3 below.
(Experience time is about 40 minutes.)
* Currently, the experience is supported by email or LINE. Please feel free to contact us.

1 Name
2 Phone number
3 Content of the desired experience(Please select)
   A) Brush calligraphy
   B) Pen calligraphy

If you would like a brush calligraphy, please bring a brush, felt (shitajiki), inkstone, and ink.
If you do not have the calligraphy tools, please contact us in advance as we will prepare it here.